• This database of resources has been made available to teachers in many countries.
  • The database is known by several different names such as MTSonline, K7Math, SchoolCentre.
Teachers from around the world have commented on the resources in the database.

Just wanted to let you know that the teachers were very impressed with your MTS online program.
Kellee Williams

Peter, I have logged on to MTSonline and it is absolutely brilliant - congratulations.
Lyn Kovacic

I particularly appreciated the open ended and investigatory nature of the activity sheets, that they were well laid out and ready for students to use was a bonus! The amount of content and the sorting into year levels was terrific.I used the teaching notes at times too. I also found the site very easy to navigate and even began using the bookmarking facility. I have recommended the site to all teachers at school and my son who is doing his teacher training presently.
Karin Fletcher

The site was easy to navigate around and supplied many activities that could enhance the topic being covered. It.s also pleasing to have an Australian site that supplies good resources. All too often now we hear people talking about the primaryresources.co.uk site and other overseas sites so I.m really pleased that we have our own good resource base. I also found each of the pages to have good quality and quantity of work. The site was very easy to navigate and great to see the National Curriculum section also being included. I have recommended the website to others and hope that they will explore this great site.
Dawn Chester

The online version of MTS adds amazing search flexibility and is a breeze to use. Needless to say I have subscribed!
Terry Klemm

Peter, I just wanted to let you know I have loved using this site.
Brigid Bryce

MTSonline is going great, teachers are loving it.
Tammy Hunter

Great product. I like the PDF option as it makes it easy to display on the interactive whiteboard when explaining an activity.
Andrew Colley

, convenience, multiple formats available (doc, pdf), editable resources, teaching notes included with all activities.
Ben Wynne

MTSonline is easy to navigate and covers all areas of the mathematic curriculum. The explanations assist in knowing how to deliver each lesson. It saves time so I don.t have to generate follow up activities after hands-on lessons. I also use the MTS materials for homework.
Hayley Trevaskis

I will definitely refer other teachers to the MTSonline site as I found it very convenient (I needed a Maths lesson, on a particular topic - Scientific Notation - and had no resources at hand). I also found the materials offered a wide variety, were easy to locate and in the end very effective in terms of learning for the students.
Sally Morgan (year 10 teacher)

MTSonline has great ideas which I can tailor to my students' needs. The syllabus links are handy as are the hyperlinks to internet activities.

Just to let you know that I am thrilled with the range of activities provided in the MTS database. It covers a huge spectrum of ideas that I have found to be very useful in the classroom. It also provides heaps of activities that are not found in our current textbooks and adheres to the .Early Years Numeracy. in Victoria. I am most impressed and will certainly continue to use the great activities in my maths/numeracy teaching..
Karen Donald

TEACHER is great because you can locate maths tasks on any topic from any MTS Set to cater for different student needs in a class . you no longer have to worry about them having to work from a common textbook. It also provides many excellent interactive (free) website links and open-ended tasks which means all the hard work has been done for you!
Remy McGavigan

Working with Indigenous students from K - 12 in a Remote community school I have found the School Centre's Maths Today Series works brilliantly. It allows flexibility - doesn't tie the kids into a daunting "workbook", but enables creativity to fit with whatever the day and the week has brought to school. Its' format appeals to AIEOs who enjoy helping the students with "hands on" maths. We love it!
Gail Cresswell

We are very pleased with the MTS math resources database and I am happy to recommend them to other schools.
Mike Innes

At Girrawheen PS the teachers have found the MTS resources to be fantastic! They can cater for all levels of student ability and have the added bonus of being able to access the resources at home and school. It has really expanded the teacher.s methods of teaching. I recommend this great resource to all teachers.. Sharon Wheeler

The children and I like the MTS inquiry/problem solving activities available in the MTS database. The tasks that I've used are, on the face of it, simple in idea but when we get further into them they really provide good challenges for the children and me. I also like how some of the skill-based topics can be run as a sequence of tasks. MTS, written to suit National Statements, has to be a safe bet for me in my teaching and I believe it would also be a fantastic resource for both new and experienced teachers everywhere.
David Brown

I have been using MTS for some time and have found it an invaluable asset in constructing my teaching of maths using a wide range of engaging strategies. The activities are well thought out and the Teacher.s Notes are a treasure chest of ideas and inquiry-based questions to encourage the children to think math.ly. I will DEFINITELY continue using this outstanding resource in the future!
Pieter Davis

The MTS database is a great tool for helping teachers cater for different ability levels within their classes. It's being used regularly at Cocos Islands DHS and many teachers are also individualising the MTS activities to match them to their class needs.
Greg Croll

After several years of trialing different maths texts, I purchased a license for MTS. I have found it so much easier than using a textbook . just search for the concept, print the page/s and teach! I can also cater for all levels of student ability without being bound by the narrow confines of a textbook.
Geoff Dunjey

I am very happy to recommend the MTS database of activities. For a small school it is very cost effective when purchased by subscription and eliminates the waste from unused pages usually associated with consumable classroom texts. With MTS teachers only print those pages they need! I have promoted MTS as a .must have. resource within our school and through our Association's Curriculum Team.
Jenny McArthur

I have been using MTS and find the ability to structure a programme for the various levels within the class group invaluable. All I have to do is enter the topic and select various year levels and I have a range of activities to best suit the needs of the students. And not having a standard textbook allows me to concentrate on every student being given the opportunity to realise their potential in class. I also find the range of open-ended investigations to be powerful and the opportunity to modify any page before printing has allowed me to localise the context, thus making it more meaningful and fun for the students.
Warren Bell

I love using the MTS database of resources. I have a multi-age class in a small school and as a result I teach across many levels. The MTS program helps me plan and prepare individual lessons without too much stress or time on my part... and the kids personal needs are all being met! I also like the way that you can easily keep track of where you have been and where you are going using the Contents Guide.
Kath Wenban

I am thoroughly impressed by the different learning materials available in the MTS database. Congratulations on developing a much needed resource for teachers!
Shane Wilson

I am just writing to let you know that we have used some of your activity sheets teaching volume. I have been running 4 different levels to accommodate all the children in my room. The result has been unbelievable. We have had the whole class completely involved and one bright child who is a social isolate was asked to join another group so they could bounce ideas off each other.

We used activity 8 in set 6 for most of the class and it has taken them 2 hours to solve it but both the kids and myself have learnt heaps. They have really enjoyed the experience. Thank you so much
Sonia Linkston

Thanks very much for the license update, MTS has been a great resource.
Chris Hope

MTS is one of the best and most asked for resources at school.
Chris Hope

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