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Hi Peter, Just wanting to send huge thanks for all the hard work and effort you have put into the quality teaching resources on MTS online. I am teaching a year 2/3 cohort for the first time and trying to get my head around the new Australian Curriculum. Your resources have given me a great understanding on where their range may be with their mathematics. I know each child is to be catered for individually and your website will make that task much easier. Cheers Mandy

It's a great site.
Tony Frankland

This is a great resource! Thanks for developing this. The sheets are thought provoking and pithy - perfect for bright kids who hate drilling. We started using it this morning and the boys both enjoyed the work very much.
Ky Long

I am finding this a wonderful resource for use in the classroom.
Lee Jones

Hi Peter, I Have been trialling and have found the open-ended tasks a great way to commence a unit of work.
Terry Walsh

Now you just need to create a literacy equivalent! :-)
Leonie Forrest

I sure hope you have lots of subscribers. You have put in so much work and effort - you deserve it.
Gayle Holmes

This site is all you need for maths! It is truly a good site and it keeps track of what you are teaching. We love it! And - it is easy peasy!

Simply brilliant. Well done.
Glen McAdam

A colleague who I share an office with, works with graduates on their modules of learning. She mentioned that your website was the one teachers identified as being most useful in their work.
Sue Shingleton

Thanks, Peter...the website is amazing.....I have directed lots of others to try it out. I am a true advocate of the website.

I have found that MTSonline is a very useful resource. We have been targeting identified weaknesses in all five NAPLAN areas. So, this has helped immeasurably in maths.
Brian Williams

I love your site, it offers so many enriching learning experiences for our kids, and a lot of the hard work has been done for us teachers!
Lauren Smith

I am loving the MTS and am using it all the time - Thanks a million, it's fantastic.
Gale Duim

Hi Peter, I just wanted to let you know that I'm onto MTS online and the program is fantastic!! So much so I've shown the entire staff here at Loreto in Nedlands and many have now subscribed saying it's the best $22 they've spent. Thank you !!
Julie Lockyer

I LOVE this site...it is so well set out! Thankyou.
Irene King

Peter, the more I use your program, the more I appreciate the fantastic product you have created. Congratulations and thankyou. I particularly like the Planner, it is a great tool for the classroom.
Vanessa Harvey

I have just joined your marvellous website. It is brilliant.
Louise Camden

Thank you for this great online facility. I am very impressed with the new additions to MTSonline. The resource is very useful to me in my Grade 1/2 level and my planning is so easy now.
Fran Bellani

I have found your website to be an invaluable guide when it comes to planning appropraite lessons for Mathematics. Thank you once again for a fantastic website.
K Palmer

I thought the year Two activities and investigations were great.

I have passed it on to a few friends and have told the boss that it looks great.
Sharon McLean

I just LOVE your stuff.
Gayle Holmes

Love all your stuff...it is brilliant! Have just used some of the testing in a Year 6/7 class at Davallia. The IWB stuff is SO USEFUL AND VISUAL...all our classrooms have a board now, so MORE OF IT could be the way to go!
Di Cadby

I subscribed to your great website today. I look forward to using the fantastic maths resources! Keep up the great work!
Peter Tresise

The MTSonline lessons I have conducted in my class are fantastic and the students really engage with them..
Susan Kerr

Check out the MTSonline site - fantastic interactive white-board tasks and worksheets covering all areas of the curriculum.
Fran Hagan

Brilliant site for maths. Resources sorted by outcomes and indicator. Each indicator has lesson plans, worksheets and iwb resources.
A Nooyen

A Getting It Right Numeracy teacher put me in touch with your site and I think it is a fabulous resource full of great lesson materials. The lesson ideas have been enjoyed by the students I teach and in turn I have enjoyed observing the interaction of the students with mathematics. The support for teachers with effective questioning and points to look out for as the lesson develops is really positive and I look forward to including it in my planning for 2010.
Lyn Harding

Hi Peter- I am just giving you some feedback re your latest changes on MTS. The improvements are excellent. Thanks! I had found trying to find the items (on the CD version of MTS) for my year level quite difficult and time consuming. So much better now. The different curriculums are excellent and I can find what I need much better with the pop-ups. Great!
Jane Carrie

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