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MTSonline is a very valued resource in my classroom and in many others in our school. Thanks again.
N Sharpe

Thanks Peter, all working well now. I love the work you do, it has been a fantastic help in delivering Mathematics in our school. Your support with fixing and to responding to issues is to be highly commended. Well done and thankyou so much.
R Troode

Many, many thanks for your presentation at Beverley yesterday. The staff were quite literally .blown away. with the ACM information, teaching strategies (more and more explicit) and in particular the VAST amount of information and resource material available online.
N Ireland

Thanks Peter,these look great and along with all you other wonderful resources at MTSonline they form the spine of my teaching!
G Clark

Thanks Peter - the website is great!!
D O'Garr

Fabulous site. Thanks.
L Seaton

This is a wonderful resource for mathematics.
S Delios

This is a GREAT website for Maths!

Thanks Peter, thanks for all the effort you put in.
C Talbott

I now have a subscription through the school and am using it daily. Really finding it fantastic.
D Harrington

Hi Peter, we haven't stopped talking about the maths you presented to us yesterday and I have asked our Principal if we could have you come to our school in the near future to do another presentation for the whole staff. Thanks so much. And why aren't you writing the Maths Curriculum? You have made it so much simpler. Thanks again.
L Langridge

Thank you so much for your wonderful work with MTSonline.... I made good use of it in my 6 years teaching in year one.... keep up the great work.
D Mosel

Thank you Peter - a much loved resource!
R Becker

Absolutely love this site and use it so much in my classroom.
J Bejr

Thanks for setting up the site, Peter. My wife, who is also a teacher, showed it to me last year. I have found it very helpful in the classroom.
T Carlos

This is a great site for really interesting mathematics.
S Pickering

The staff feedback from Tuesday has been amazing. Thank you for putting the fire in the belly!
C O'Shaughnessy

Peter, I just wanted to pass on my thanks again for the quality Workshop you presented yesterday. I've already had great feedback from the staff. Your time and effort were much appreciated.
N Spilcker

Thanks for the awesome website - being a new teacher this helps a lot.
S George

This website is great.
E Pickering

This is a fabulous site. Join now!
QLD Teacher

I love this site. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.
M Richards

Thanks Peter for your help.Much appreciated. I tell everyone I come into contact with about your site.
M James

This is a great site for maths ideas!
D Murray

Once again, thanks for keeping one step ahead of the trends in education and unravelling the mysteries for those at the coal face. I've heard great reviews of the session you presented and we achieved our goal - to become a non text book school!
J Gilomen

Hi Peter,Just wanted to say thanks for some excellent activities. I had all of my year 2's engaged, working in pairs to figure out different skip counting patterns with a 1000 chart! It was awesome.
S McGill

I like that you can access all levels so can find work at a lower level for those who need it and also extension work around the same topic.
L Turner

Hi Peter. Thank you for the PD last Thursday. The teachers are very enthusiastic about the program. It is a great resource.
R Payne

Hi Peter, I am very impressed with your whole-school planning video. I am sure your business will continue to expand with such great resources. Best of all the children will benefit from your efforts. Thanks!
J Baker

This is a great site that aligns with Australian curriculum. Enjoy.
J Cristaudo

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