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Hello Peter, Thank you so much!!!!!! I love your site. You have done so much amazing work.
J Mendick

Hi Peter. I just viewed the 12 minute video. Brilliant. Thanks.
Mary Tampalini

I watched your video today. Very interesting and helpful. Thank you.
Lauren Sherborne

I thought the video was good in explaining how we could: plan, teach and assess the maths at the different year levels.
Naresh Nath

I have joined today and feel that I have saved hours of reinventing the wheel as My programme has been written. Love the ideas, the activities and the way it is set out. Next term I am going to use the planner. Thanks!
M Richards

The MTSonline resources are perfect for what we are doing with the new Maths Curriculum and so easy to locate.
C Sherlock

When talking about SchoolCentre Maths one thing I always mention is how you reply to questions/emails in a prompt manner. Thanks for this great service and support. Keep up the great work.
G Cook

Thanks again for a wonderful PD and for this amazing resource. Staff are really getting to know it better and starting to see it's huge potential. Thanks so much.
Laura Morgan

This is the brilliant maths website I was telling you about. Worth the subscription for sure! It is all you need to use for maths!!!

After using MTSonline for two terms with my Year 6/7 students I consider the resources at your website are fantastic. Thanks for a great resource.
Geoff Cook

PD yesterday was brilliant! Can't wait to get my 12 months membership approved!
S Marsh

.Thanks for the great resources. It saves me so much time planning and searching for activities..
A Stewart

Thank you for your help Peter. It's a great resource!
S MacDougall

Simply brilliant. Well done.
Glen McAdam

Love your site and use it daily!
S Toole

I can.t remember the last time that I attended a PD with so much valuable information and direction in such a short space of time. Thank you.
H de Ridder

Many thanks for the depth of thought you have given to the issues faced by schools and teachers. The best PD I have attended.
G Clifton

My friend put me onto your site and I have been really impressed with the standard of materials and information that is available. I just wanted to say 'thanks' for putting together such a useful and comprehensive site - I teach several different age groups in my class and it is going to be an extremely useful tool for me. Thanks again.
J Mitchell

This is a great site.

Hi Peter. Looking forward to getting lots of use out of your great website.
S Bailey

Really enjoying your site and the ease of use, especially the "My Planner." Looking forward to making greater use of the rest of the facilities.
P Delfs

Thank you so much. Your website is amazing. Maths is not my strong point and your website makes it so much easier.

Great site for maths. Resources sorted by curriculum outcomes and topic. Each topic has lesson plans, activities, IWB resources and tests.
N Young (maths coordinator)

Fantastic! The best PD I.ve done in my whole teaching career. It has been very worthwhile . not only for my preparation to support my staff but for my own personal development.
J Young

I just wanted to let you know that your resources are amazing! Thank you!
Lenore Cathcart

This site is all you need for maths! It is truly a good site and it keeps track of what you are teaching. We love it! And - it is easy peasy!

Brilliant, inspirational, should be mandatory for all teachers old and new. I thought I had already had the best ever PD. This is it now!!
M Crosthwaite

Simply brilliant. Well done.
Glen McAdam

Your MTS site is fantastic - I find the mini-assessment tools most useful.
T Hinchliffe

Thank you for your tireless efforts in promoting effective teaching and learning to allow students students to reach their potential and prepare them for lifelong learning.
V Gray

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