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The Copyright Agreement

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The author/publisher, Peter Nowland, is a member of copyright agencies in many countries including the USA (CSUSA), Australia (CAL), the United Kingdom (PLS), New Zealand (CLNZ), Canada, Ireland, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and more. These agencies are, in turn, affiliated with many other copyright agencies around the world and will act on his behalf to retrieve all funds owing to the author for breach of any of the terms below.


All rights reserved. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticisms or review, as permitted under your country’s Copyright Law and all amendments, no part of THE RESOURCE (see definition below) may be reproduced by any process or stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means outside of those conditions described in the License Agreement below. The written permission of the author is required for any use of THE RESOURCE outside of those specifically described in the License Agreement below.


THE RESOURCE is a term used in this Copyright Agreement as a catch-all for the various names by which the product referred to in this License Agreement may be known including: the content, MTS, MTSonline, SchoolCentre, SchoolCenter, K7Maths, K7Math, K7Math.com, K-7Math, K-7Math.com, APMaths, APMaths.com and variations of these terms.

License Agreement
1. THE RESOURCE License Agreement is equally valid for all Licensed Users in any one annual period (i.e. 365 or 366 days from date of License Purchase), all Trial Users, all Invited Users and all Users when the website is made available with 'Open Access'.
2. THE RESOURCE License provides Users with the right to use THE RESOURCE website to search for, view, display and download content including Activities, Teacher Notes, FlipCharts, Tests...
3. THE RESOURCE License provides Users with the right to use the ideas and content to meet the learning needs of the children in their immediate care (i.e. normal use for a class, tutorial group, home-schooling group).
4. THE RESOURCE License provides Users with the right to display content in the User's classroom via electronic means (e.g. electronic whiteboard, computer, data-viewer).
5. THE RESOURCE License provides Users with the opportunity to edit and customize any content to better match the selected resource to student needs.
6. THE RESOURCE License provides Users with the right to use any content for teaching and learning purposes within the 365 or 366 days of the License term unless an invoice has been provided that shows an extended term for the License (such as when 'special offers' are made).. 
7. All content that has been downloaded and customized by a User is also subject to the conditions of this License Agreement.
8. All content carries copyright information at either or both of the top right corner of each page and bottom right corner.. This information must not be removed when customizing any content.
9. Users are not permitted to use any content outside of the period of the License. This condition specifically refers to, and applies to, all content stored in electronic format (User computers or other devices) or printed or copied paper format. 
10. Users are permitted to share any downloaded content  with any other teacher or third party under the following terms:
* The source of content is acknowledged by word of mouth or in writing, e’g. provide the web address.
* The copyright information at the top right corner and bottom right corner (copyright symbol) of each resource is not removed.
* The number of resources does not exceed 3 in any one week and, specifically, is NOT a Summative Test.
* All content used by an unlicensed teacher or other third party are subject to the conditions of this License Agreement.
* This agreement specifically does not include providing any unlicensed teacher or third party with access to the database by the sharing of a Licensed User’s login details to that unlicensed teacher or third party; except by way of demonstration conducted via electronic means including computer, electronic whiteboard and data-viewer.