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Peter Nowland: Teacher, Headmaster/Principal, Mathematics Author and Presenter of Professional Learning Courses

Peter has had 40+ years of involvement with education in a number of countries (Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA and several SE Asia countries) and in a variety of positions including classroom teacher (primary/elementary and secondary/high), deputy head, headmaster/principal (primary and secondary), curriculum writer (Mathematics) and author of many educational resources. Peter is also well known for his mathematics professional development workshops and seminars with a focus on developmental learning, inquiry-focused teaching and interactive learning contexts.

After beginning his career as a classroom teacher in 1972, Peter was seconded in 1977 to work in the Department for Education on curriculum development (mathematics) both from a writing and presenter perspective. Through these experiences Peter became aware that teachers wanted further assistance in the form of inquiry-focused teaching ideas for mathematics and, from that, the original edition of his Mathematics Today Series (MTS) was written. By the time Peter had completed and published the first edition of MTS in 1983, he had been back in schools for 3 years as a deputy head before being seconded for a second time (1983-84) to continue with further professional learning support to schools in the areas of Mathematics and Science.

During the period 1985-97 Peter was principal of a country middle school before returning to primary education as a head of a large, and fast-growing, metropolitan school. In 1997, following the success of his 'teaching curriculum' courses, Peter resigned his position to combine his dual interests in writing and delivering professional learning into an educational consultancy business.  

Peter began publishing his first mathematics resources (MTS) in 1983. Initially MTS was presented in traditional textbook and blackline master format and then from 2002-2011 MTS was available to schools in a digital database format that was released on CD. The change was necessary to provide teachers with greater support in developmental learning practices. Following from the CD MTS evolved into MTSonline- a website where teachers could download and print resources or view them via an IWB. Then, in 2019, and after a 36 year ride as a key resource for schools, MTS/MTSonline was shelved and replaced with a new online resource, K7Maths.

Over recent years Peter has focused his time fully on improving and expanding the database available in an online format (now as K7Maths) to support teachers looking for multi-media mathematics resources with a developmental focus. This inexpensive and highly flexible way of accessing support materials is now available via the internet in most English-speaking countries. The website has several different formats depending on the country it is designed for and is known by several different names including MTSonline, Asia-Pacific Maths, K7Maths and K7Math.

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Peter can be contacted directly using the Contact Us menu.