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How Do I Use the Scope and Sequence Planners?

A whole-school approach to mathematics gives students the best opportunity for success.

* Download a short PowerPoint presentation on using a common planning tool for building a whole-school approach.
What Is a Scope and Sequence?

* The Scope and Sequence Planners are the most important resource in the database
* The combined set of 8 Planners provides a common path of learning for all teachers
* The combined set of 8 Planners can be referred to as a 'Common Planning Framework' for a school

What Do They Contain?
* The content to be taught in each domain for the Common Core curriculum
* They provide a hyperlink from the Planners to the Common Core curriculum
* Checklist columns are available to indicate your teaching plan on a term by term basis

Teaching_Math_K-7_Scope_and_Sequence_Planners.pdf CCSS_Scope_and_Sequence_Planners.pdf Building_a_Whole-School_Approach_to_Mathematics_US.ppt