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Where Do I Find the Mathematics Tools


Please note that the presentation uses the AU Curriculum to illustrate the key features of our Maths Tools.

Maths Tools
K7Maths contains a great many excellent interactive mathematics tools such as protractors, rulers, calculators, counters, blocks 3D models....

A short PowerPoint presentation on finding resources - How Do I Find the Teaching Resources.ppt - is provided below.

What is a Mathematics Tool?

* The maths tools are web-based manipulatives for:

- illustrating concepts such as place value
- illustrating processes.such as multiplication of fractions
- assisting in solving problems such as calculators.
Where Do I Find the Mathematics Tools
* Go to Search Option 1
* Scroll down to the Topic you want
* Click on any Activity for that Topic
* Click on the Tool icon tab
All manipulatives for the Topic are listed with a brief description of what they are used for.