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Do You Support Reflective Learning?

assessing Teaching

Reflective learning is a key component of planning, teaching, assessing.

* A short PowerPoint presentation - Reflective Learning.ppt - is provided below.
* Reflective learning rubrics 1-11 are provided below as PDF files.
* A short precis on journal writing as a form of reflection - Journal Starters for Mathematics - is provided below.

Why Reflective Learning?
* Research shows the best 'reflectors' are the best goal-setters and best learners
* By sharing ideas, insights and knowledge students move to new levels of understanding
* At the same time reflective learning greatly enhances the memory of ideas

Reflective Learners
* Some children will come to school as intuitive reflective learners
* Others come with the need for 'everyday' experience with reflection

Reflective_Learning.ppt Reflective_Rubric_10.pdf JOURNAL_STARTERS_FOR_MATHEMATICS.pdf Reflective_Rubric_1.pdf Reflective_Rubric_2.pdf Reflective_Rubric_3.pdf Reflective_Rubric_4.pdf Reflective_Rubric_5.pdf Reflective_Rubric_6.pdf Reflective_Rubric_7.pdf Reflective_Rubric_8.pdf Reflective_Rubric_9.pdf Reflective_Rubric_11.pdf