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Thousands Separators


The Convention

The internationally accepted convention is to use spaces after every 3 digits in a large number.
This convention has been, largely, adopted for the K7Math resources.

Changing the Spaces to Commas

If teachers wish to use commas instead of spaces this can be achieved as follows:
* Click on an Activity number to open it in the screen viewer
* Click on the Word icon to download as a Word doc
* Click on 'Enable Edit'
* Delete the spaces and put in a comma as required
* Save the customized activity on your computer

A Note About Assessments
* As it is still common practice to use commas in the classroom the assessments at K7Math have commas.
* We have done this to minimize the potential for student error in assessments.
* Eventually, when it is more common to use spaces ion the classroom, our assessments will follow suit.